We are about halfway through our wedding season and have enjoyed every celebration!

We are always excited as each wedding group arrives and we see how this bride and groom have chosen to arrange their ceremony and reception. The choices are always unique! This year we have had ceremonies around our pool and several in our park area…but each one facing a different direction! We have had formal seating, informal buffets and food trucks. Pretty lights hung in the trees, our gazebo set up with gifts and cakes, two groups have set up a photo booth in our custom phone booth!

Of course, we are an outdoor venue and we always hope for perfect weather….and we usually have beautiful, sunny celebrations! However, last month, we had our very first rainy wedding! This bride and groom wisely watched the forecast ahead of time and arranged for a beautiful tent with lots of windows. Their wonderful ceremony was accentuated by a beautiful, thunderous rainstorm….and they loved every minute!


Last weekend, we watched as the wedding party coaxed the adorable flower girl down the aisle-she just wouldn’t move because she was watching our wild bunnies playing under the tree nearby! We have had deer, squirrels, always birds and even a very young raccoon visit our celebrations. Outdoor weddings are always beautiful and often a little surprising!