Well, Mother Nature has kept us guessing through the month of May! We started the month on the heals of a wonderful rain! The rain was followed by a week of warm, sunny Spring weather. The flowers were blooming, birds building nests….and then, SNOW! Idyllwild has a long history of a “Mother’s Day Snow”…… a light snowfall within a week of Mother’s Day. However, this was 5″ of snow and followed by 3” more a week later!  All this beautiful snow set us back in our preparations to open our pool for the season on Memorial Day weekend! For the past few days, we have been putting in long hours at the pool, squeezing 2-3 weeks of work into one week, only to see this morning’s forecast for the weekend. More rain Thursday-Friday and daytime temps over the weekend  in the low 50’s! Perfect hiking weather but not ideal for swimming!  Either way, we are back on schedule and our pool will be beautiful, sparkling, warm and ready for summer when Mother Nature makes up her mind!!
pool with mountain viewIMG_6034